Monday, September 14, 2009

III Volume and Mass (words)

The amount of space an object fills
1. "Trees" by Christo
2. "Monument to the Escape" by Dennis Oppenheim
3. "Untitled" by Rachel Whiteread
4. "The Wrapped Reichstag" by Christo
5. "Untitled" by Rachel Whiteread

The literal or visual "heaviness" of an object
1."Cusion, 2006" by Rachel Whiteread
2. "Floor, 2001" by Do Ho Suh
3. "One Meter Tornado Interior" by Jene Highstein
4. "Seoul Home" by Do Ho Suh
5. "Steeps" by Ken Price

The force that pulls objects to the ground; related to weight
1."Cause-Effect" by Do Ho Suh
2. "Coastline" by Christo
3. "Device to Root Out Evil" by Dennis Oppenheim
4. "Parachute" by Do Ho Suh
5. "Splash" by Dennis Oppenheim
*since gravity, being a force, is hard to demonstrate, I chose sculptures that tend to rebel against it (water flying into the air, parachuter floating, upside down building not falling down) as well as two that employ it directly for effect (swooshing cloth over the coastline, downward spiraling thing)

a quality related to an object's size, position, and purpose in and with its surroundings. It can be manipulated in order to exemplify certain characteristics of either.
1. "The Umbrellas" by Christo
2. "Cusion, 2006" by Rachel Whiteread
3. "Embarkment" by Rachel Whiteread
4. "Cedar Staircase" by Jene Highstein
5. "Safety Cones" by Dennis Oppenheim

Closely related to presence, but its opposite; the omission of some expected characteristic in order to add purpose.
1. "Amaranth" by Michael Hall
2. "Daddy's Dice" by John Duff
3. "Someone" by Do Ho Suh
4. "Theme for a Major Hit" by Dennis Oppenheim
5. "Untitled" by Rachel Whiteread

Primary Contours
the outer edges of a physical object
1. "Bowl with Floating Collar" by Ursula von Rydingsvard
2. "The wall" by Christo
3. "Engagement Rings" by Dennis Oppenheim
4. "Someone" by Do Ho Suh
5. "Wrapped Monument to Leonardo Da Vinci Piazza Scala" by Christo

Secondary Contours
the inner edges of a physical object, such as the internal design and detailing of a carved sculpture.
1. "Valley Curtain" by Christo
2. "Staircase V" by Do Ho Suh
3. "Fruit of Mystery" by Nancy Graves
4. "Ghost" by Rachel Whiteread
5. "Journey Home" by Dennis Oppenheim

a solid, 3-Dimensional form
1. "Package 1958" by Christo
2. "Heavy Dog Kiss" by Dennis Oppenheim
3. "House" by Rachel Whiteread
4. one of "Nine Muses" by Carlos Dorrien
5. "Two" by Ofer Lellouche

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